Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and you’re just plain cranky. You don’t know why, but you know that everyone in your way better watch out. Something like the below. Whenever I want to explain how I’m feeling in cartoon form (happens more than you think), I always know I can find the PERFECT Calvin and Hobbes Strip to do it.
So that was me this morning. Jon noticed (and managed to stay out of my way) but our Psycho Cat figured that it would be the perfect time to firmly plant his claws in my thigh in order the chase the belt I was looping in my shirt. When I pushed him off, he thought I meant “No, no, bite my toes instead” and started knawing away *sigh* So I yell “JON, FEED THIS %*&#ing CAT” (charming, I know)! To which he yells down “Pardon? I’m making Coffee!” Bless his heart. Hopefully THAT would perk up my mood.
Luckily, a kiss and a coffee from Jonny did help put a smile on my face. Then Boots (the cat) decided I WANT IN and jumped on the counter and bit my cheek. I hope this cat isn’t an example of how our children are going to turn out.

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