2011 in Review: The Life and Times of Lisa

Inspired by one of my good friends, I’ve decided to review 2011 and call out some of the highs and lows of this past year!
·         First and foremost (and maybe one of the biggest highlights) I started Zumba. I can say with confidence the choice to check out Zumba was one of the best I’ve ever made
·         I went to New York for my 2nd Toy Fair
·         Jon and I took a Mini Vacation in Toronto, where we shopped, went to the distillery district, checked out the Tim Burton exhibit (BORING) and had a fantastic meal (and maybe a couple too many drinks) at N’awlins
·         Moved my Mom out of our Childhood home – it was hard, but having a fabulous place to call home now, it didn’t take the big emotional toll I thought it would (although Jon might remember differently)
·         Quietly and emotionally celebrated my birthday (I won’t go into details here)
·         Had my whole world rocked when my Dad was in a motorcycle accident and broke his hip
·         Spent a lot of time at the hospital/rehab centre and grew an appreciation for how precious life really is
·         Survived TWO weeks of Canada AM
·         Brought home a cute little fur ball we called Boots (however, now I have a different name for him which I won’t share here, that mangy son of a …)
·         Most importantly, I got engaged to the love of my life – I have never, and will never love another man the way I love my Jonny. I can’t believe that we found each other and I am so STUPIDLY excited to Marry him and spend the rest of our lives together. He is my everything.
·         Picked and planned where we were going to be married
·         Met and became friends with some amazing people (YOU know who you are)
·         Was amazed by the support of my amazing friends and family with an Engagement Party
·         Chose my Bridal Party (<3 Angela, Steph, Jenn, Emily, Carolyn & Julia)
·         Found my Wedding Dress (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)
·         Off the Red Carpet – a truly amazing event that I will never, ever forget. I have never felt such AMAZING energy from such a fabulous group of people. That will go down as one of the most amazing nights in my life
·         Survived Christmas(at work and in real life)
·         Helped to raise $10,000 for Make-A-Wish Canada
Not half bad I would say. Probably one of my more relaxed years. The highlights for me would be getting engaged, joining Zumba and becoming a Zumba Instructor and helping teach Off the Red Carpet. 
Generally, I would have to say the other highlight was learning so much about myself this year. With the help of Jon and some amazing friends, I came to love myself and my body for what it is and NOT what SIZE it is. Then, taking that love, and deciding to do something good for myself (Enter Zumba). THEN deciding to make a healthy change and help my body reach a sense of “Equilibrium” – a state where I eat healthfully, exercise and my body finds the weight that is right for it. This allows my mind to focus on more important things other than how much I weigh. That was a monster step for me, and I have to say I’m still not quite there.
What would I like for 2012? I don’t really believe in resolutions persay, but here are 10 things that I think would make 2012 a fantastic year.
1.       Reach that state of Equilibrium
2.       Experiment more with cooking – Jon is usually the cook in our house, but I would also like to try a few new things
3.       Focus on the moment – too often I am in a moment and thinking 1, 2 or 3 steps ahead
4.       Plan our wedding without sweating the small stuff, enjoying the process and use it as a chance to spend more time with friends and family
5.       Throw an AMAZING party that is our wedding and celebrate the occasion with all our closest friends and family!
6.       Sort out money stuffs and not let it occupy my thoughts all the time
7.       Do something totally crazy – I’m not sure what that would be right at this moment, but I want to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and try something bonkers!
8.       Do Yoga & learn to meditate – I have a hard time sleeping at night and I’ve heard this could really help
9.       Try Pilates (this is for you Anne)
10.   Spend as MUCH time as possible with the important people in my life and learn to say goodbye to the ones that bring negativity
Bring it on 2012, I’m ready for you! 

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