It’s the little things…

Do you ever have those weeks where you’re SO far behind on EVERYTHING and the last thing you want to do it make food, do laundry, shower or do anything other than curl into a ball on the floor? Yea, that’s this week for me. Actually, that has been the last few MONTHS for us. Between job changes, teaching Zumba, working full time, wedding planning, wedding drama, MOVING, car breaking, trying to please everyone and just general living, all I feel like doing is hiding under the covers.

So today when I realized we had NO food in the house (except Stuff n Such…yes, really) and not a lot of money to go out and buy lunch (nor the motivation to move from my desk), I was feeling a little, well, pathetic. So when one of the ladies in the office popped by my office and said “Have you had lunch yet? Would you like some soup from Tims?” I almost started to cry with gratitude….over soup…yeah.

However, because of this small gesture, it got me to thinking about some of the small, little things that have helped me get through the last few months and it pulled me out of my “Curl in a Ball” funk and actually made me smile and realize, it really is the little things in my life that make all the difference.

Here are just some of those little things…

  1. I’m marrying my best friend…that alone is the best thing ever
  2. Coming home to J making dinner and giving me a big kiss at the door
  3. Having a giggle with a bestie last night over pizza and beer
  4. Thinking of J’s made up songs he likes to sing to me in the morning whilst walking around in a towel
  5. New Friends
  6. A great song that you haven’t heard in awhile coming on the radio/iPod
  7. Making a self proclaimed “Stuffy Banker” go “WAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO” at the top of her lungs in one of my classes
  8. Goes with #6 – Watching some of my Zumba participates letting go and having an amazing time in my class
  9. Having 2 of the sweetest young girls call me “Auntie Lisa” because they love coming to my Zumba classes 
  10. Having the above 2 girls teach a song in my class after being inspired to do from my classes
  11. Getting to come home to the love of my life EVERY. DAY. 
  12. Being inspired to cook after finding easy recipes on Pinterest AND THEY ACTUALLY WORK OUT!
  13. Being a part of an AMAZING Zumba event (coming up this weekend!)
  14. Knowing that the 2 ladies you’re doing the event with are going to be lifelong friends
  15. Having an amazing family 
  16. Marrying into an amazing family
  17. Chocolate
  18. Red Wine
  19. Getting to work and interact with awesome people on a daily basis
  20. FINALLY starting to grow my nails out *3 Days and Counting*
  21. Going to spend a day at the spa w/ my mum on Sunday
  22. Having a girl in my class tell me she heard a song on the radio and could totally see me rocking it out in one of my classes
  23. The song is called “What Makes you Beautiful”
  24. Watching J gallop across our living room and fist pump the air because his team won the first round in the playoffs 
  25. For the first time in my life, being happy with myself and my body…like totally legit happy and comfortable

Reading this list over made me smile once again…it is so important to focus on these things and not get bogged down in the other things that get me down. I know in my heart of hearts everyone will work out (whatever the issue may be) and with my amazing Fiance, friends and family (and Zumba Family) everything will be just fine 🙂 


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