Molly, Molly, Molly

Okay, I know that for many people, getting up to run in the morning is not a big deal. However, for someone like me who LOVES her sleep and will do almost ANYTHING for those extra precious moments of ZZZZZ’s, getting up early is a big deal, let alone getting up to RUN!

Last night, I mentally prepared myself to get up and run. I set myself 3 alarms (2 on my iPhone that said “GET UP AND RUN”). I laid out my clothing, shoes and breakfast. I walked around the apartment saying “I will get up, I will get up, I will get up”

Now I realized again, for most people, this isn’t a big deal. 6:45 in the morning is NOT that early, it’s a 30 minute run, most of which is down hill (or so I thought, but more on that later). For me, it is a mental block thing. For some reason I have this voice in my head saying “No you can’t, it’s too hard, why even bother, you’re going to hate it” I’ve always had this voice in my head for ANY type of exercise, which is why I hated exercising until I started doing Zumba and began to ENJOY working out.

In the midst of me psyching myself up for this run, our new puppy Molly was being a TOTAL brat, which means ONE thing: “I NEED TO RUN MOM & DAD” Since it was 8pm, I didn’t really want to go and run in our area alone, so we took her to an empty park area at the end of our street and ran around with her. I knew this would satiate her for the time being but she needed more.

SO, JJ and I go to bed, and I fell into a fitful sleep. At 6:40am ON THE DOT I wake up (before my alarms went off I might add). I lay there for a moment contemplating bailing and telling myself “I’ll run tonight” HAH. Then I thought of something I saw on Pinterest:


So, I get dressed, and go out to our family room to eat something and put my shoes on. I grab a banana and sit down. Then I think…”do I REALLY want to do this? No, I don’t think I do. It will probably be too hard anyway, and it’s snowy out and cold and dark. Maybe I’ll run tomorrow or something” and then I look beside me and see THIS expectant face looking at me:

I mean, I can’t say NO to that. She’s seen me in my workout gear, she know what it means, and she is PUMPED. I could bail on myself, but I couldn’t bail on her.


I get her leash, turn on my music and we are out the door.

And you know what…I never looked back. Running with her in front of me, with her happy tail wagging and her short legs running, it was worth it JUST for that. There I am running, and smiling to myself when and I get a reminder in my head phones “You are halfway to your distance goal” (It was only 3K, but still). Say WHAAA? We’re almost there!

The rest of the run was UPHILL but you know what? Didn’t matter. I was out there, running, no voices in my head, just me and Molly 🙂 So really, it wasn’t my mind that got me out there today, it was my pup, but either way, I did it, and I couldn’t be happier!

Next up, SUNDAY!


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