Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

Just wanted to share a happy memory that goes along with this photo:

I was in Grade 4 and we has a professional photographer come to take our family photo. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles & Grandkids. I remember the day SO vividly. In the morning, us kids were playing in the pool. When we finally got out of the pool, my eyes were all red and puffy because I kept them open for so long under water, but it didn’t matter to me! My Aunt Laurie actually put some cover up around my eyes so they looked less swollen and I was just SO excited to be wearing make-up.

After lunch we all got dressed in our Sunday finest and waited to be photographed. I LOVED the dress that I had. My mom had sewn it for me and I felt like a princess it it. When I sat down on the ground, I could sprawl the skirt out around me and hide my legs and I thought that was the BEST.

Now look at us! We took the bottom photo on my Wedding day and I can’t decide which photo I love more. Both such happy days and and happy memories!


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