Welcome to my Real Life Kitchen.

Welcome! I have exciting news…over the next couple of months, I’ll be in the process of changing blogs. Running to Bake will always hold a soft spot in my heart, but a lot has changed since I started that blog. I no longer use baking as a means of stress release. More and more I’m moving towards healthy cooking and less sugary baking.

I also run a lot less. As in, not really at all. Okay, not ever. Maybe once a month.

Also…I’m ready to let you take a look at my real kitchen. My messy, sometimes smelly & often dirty kitchen. A place where I can’t always get the best photos of my food. A place where I don’t get things right all the time, and the recipes aren’t perfect.

Like my kitchen, my life is a little messy too. I swear, I don’t always work out, I’m overweight & I struggle with my anxiety on a daily basis. Most of the time though, I’m pretty f*cking happy (<–see that, a swear…that happens to me a lot).

So what can you expect to find here? Great recipes, life lessons, swear words, honesty and real life inspirations. The pictures won’t always be perfect, my posts not always upbeat, but I do promise you one thing. This is my real life.

Really hope you’ll stick around for the next stretch of my journey!

– Lisa


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Real Life Kitchen.

  1. Well Amen! A cooking blog I can respect! Imperfect? Love you already. I have a real kitchen too. I don’t want to look at photographs of kitchens I need to win a lottery to own. Nor do I have a need for site that has nothing on it but tantalizing recipes calling for pounds of sugar and cheese or cream on everything. Who of us over 20-something can eat that way? Not a total health nut though. Just give me some real food in a real kitchen and some real talk about real life. And swear away, darling! I’m SO looking forward to your posts. Already a fan. Good luck!

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