This is why I can’t try new things…

So I thought that joining an Ice Hockey league was really going to push me out of my comfort zone and help me overcome my anxieties of trying new things. I’m a creature of comfort and trying new things does not work well with my mental state. However, this year is all about pushing through those barriers down and challenging myself.

Boy, have I learned my lesson. After only 2 games of hockey I have managed to mess up my rotator cuff and I’ve been benched for 4-6 weeks. I am to rest it as much as possible (which means typing this post is a real treat) and pretty much not do anything physical. This is why I can't try new things | My Real Life KitchenAt first I was like “No biggie – I’ll just rest it up, take it easy & it will be no problem.”

HA! Do you have any idea how much you use that muscle on a daily basis? Let me count the ways =

1. Sleeping – I’m a restless sleeper at the best of times, but if I’m really tired, I can usually sleep through the night. Not anymore! Every time I roll over my shoulder is all “OH HEY THERE DON’T LIE ON ME” and I’m awake in a panic. I roll back to my other side and fall asleep until that arm falls asleep and I wake up to pins and needles in my arm. So I try laying on my back – haha no way jose. So back on the tingly arm we go…then, it’s 8:30am and I’m late.

2. Getting Dressed – lifting my arm above my head is not the most comfortable thing to do right now, so instead I try to gingerly place my shirt over my sore arm first, then put over my head. HAHA nope. Not unless my shirt is made of 1980’s spandex. Did you want to wear pants? HAHA nope. Good luck pulling up a tight pair of pants with one arm. Every time you pull up one side, the other falls down. It’s like unfun pants teeter – totter. Don’t EVEN get me started on putting on a bra…

3. Peeing – In a rush to pee? TOO BAD – trying to pull down my already tight skirt while hopping on the spot trying not to pee…it’s a real spectacle. Not to mention trying to…well you know. Goodbye Dignity.

4. Driving – I basically have to contort myself into a spinal downward dog twist (that’s a yoga pose, right?) to get my key into the ignition & get myself into gear. Forget about trying to use the wipers, let’s just hope it doesn’t rain.

5. Working – I just can’t. My back is all effed up (it’s only been one day people!) I feel lopsided and I still can’t work my damn mouse properly with my left hand.

6. Eating – have you ever tried to eat soup with your non-dominant hand? Let me paint you a picture – the piping hot soup sits in front of you. It smells so good & you can’t wait to taste it. You put the spoon (somewhat shakily) into the bowl and ever so slightly try to lift it to your mouth. It’s almost there when “SPLUNK” all the chicken and pepper goodness falls into the bowl and creates a tidal wave of coconut soup onto the desk, keyboard, shirt & skirt. Oh, and your eye. Hope you weren’t planning on seeing ever again.

And now my left arm/hand is tired because let’s face it, during your typical work day it get’s used every now and then but now that it has to pick up the slack it’s all “Nah, this is tiring and I’m sore” at which point I’m like “Well imagine how my right side feel, always picking up the slack” and then it’s like “whatever, I’m important” and then I realize I’m talking to my arms because I’m tired and I can’t sleep.

Moral of the story? I’m not meant to play sports because I’m not meant to be injured. I clearly can’t handle it.



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